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Setting an enterprise in Jakarta

Hye, my name is Amirul and i am from Malaysia. I just moved to Jakarta and plans to open an florist business in Jakarta.

You can search Mariska Florist, Jakarta and like my page and help to share it and read the history of how I am inspired to open the business.

Briefly, Mariska Florist is not all about flowers where the story is about a Malaysian man who pursues an Indonesia- Sundanese woman's beauty.

When he falls for this girl, pursuing for her love, he was robbed twice in Jakarta and along his journey searching for this girl when she leave and distance herself from this man, he is inspired with things he experience in his life which inspired his business associated with the florist such as opening a Roast chicken, fashion, jewelries, travel agency and etc.

I plan to find a local that could help me have a partnership in this multi-white-flag business. After lebaran i will start to invest my money and probably organize a meeting of whom shall be interested to join me.

Thank you and i appreciate advices and volunteers :)

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