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Skilled Brit looking for paid abuse.... (Jakarta)

* disclaimer... Not BDSM!

Hey there peoples of the forum. I am here in Jakarta and looking for someone to pay me in return for me providing them with a stunning skillset to help improve their business. I am a former Special Project guy from the financial trading world (think professional problem solver), who also has extensive hospitality experience... Its like i am a double whammy candidate! i can solve IT problems whilst knowing how to make a stunning martini, or designing a 5 course meal!

My linked-in profile is available at and you can get me by emailing any address under that domain... even Protected content works!

On a more serious note, I don't code. I chose to spend my time away from my mothers basement, and out in the real world, and have always worked with teams much better at coding than i ever would be.

I can however send my full CV over to you, and i really do have a ton of certifications and over 20 years of real world working experience.

Have a great day people, and please do spread this around if you know of any vacancies.



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