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Something new to do... (Jakarta)

I found a really nice venue to get out of Jakarta’s crowd,… an informal and comfy place to meet – to create/do some unique workshops.

I really would like to know if there is anything that you are looking for,...
a new experience, something that you are keen to learn or maybe even could share in your free time?

Just some examples:

Indonesian Produce day, (Casava harvesting and further production, handmade Sweet ‘Kejap’ Soy Sauce etc.)

Mount Salak tour, (hike up to the top with overnight camping in the jungle)

Jungle Harvesting, (Guided Jungle trekking and preparation of an unique meal with ingredients harvested in the jungle)

‘Indonesian meet western’ culinary day, ( using local products with traditional western recipes, cooking class)

Gingerbeer Making (learning all three steps in only one day, and drinking the result of the work at a campfire with barbeque)

Yoga on a farm, (finding a way to keep balance, especially for beginners like me)

Anyone interested to create an activity, or any additional idea what else could be done?

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