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Spouse visa (Jakarta)

I am an Aussie now in Jakarta. Married to an Indonesian national on January 30 this year. I arrived back in Indonesia 3 May currently in Indonesia on a tourist visa. My understanding is that I can apply for a spouse visa 'KITAS". However, preceding that is another type of visa 'VITAS' - limited stay permit visa.

I have read Protected content that you must apply for a KITAS within seven days of arriving in Indonesia. My thinking is that a 'VITAS' will buy time while we organise a KITAS.

Yes, OMG. Ok now...

1. is it true that you must apply for a kitas within seven days and if not so what? do i go to Singapore and reset the tourist (the same as vitas?) visa then do the kitas within the (new) seven day period?
2. how long is a VITAS valid for?
3. If I get this vitas (assuming it is not in fact the tourist visa) can I then go back to the seven day limit requirement and get the KITAS application within seven days of having obtained a vitas?
4.. Can anyone recommend a reliable visa agent in Jakarta for this sort of business.
5. A psychiatrist would be handy also


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