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Start Investing Your Money in Indonesia (Jakarta)

Hi. I would like to inform you about investment especially mutual fund in Indonesia. You can consider to invest your money here.

One of the most popular mutual fund in Indonesia is "Panin Dana Maksima" from Panin Asset Management. Since Protected content now, Panin Asset Management has received many awards. This year Protected content Asset Management won the award again as the best mutual fund from Investor Magazine.

The performance of Panin mutual funds can be seen here (click the link below) :
Protected content

As you can see the performance above, Panin mutual funds are very good. For example (as of March 4, Protected content , 1 year return of Panin Dana Maksima is 19.84%, 3 years return is 153.43%, 5 years return is 342.54%.

A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that is made up by a pool of money collected from investors for the purpose of making trades in a portfolio of securities by investment managers. Since a mutual fund consists of a variety of securities, one of its advantages compared to other investment vehicles is diversification. Diversification may reduce the risk for an investor.

Another advantage to investing in a mutual fund is ease. In addition to helping investors in investment decision-making, fund managers also frees investors from administrative responsibilities such as transaction settlement & accounting, risk management, securities trading, and other activities as regulated by Bapepam (Securities and Exchange Commission) in the functions required from investment managers.

There are many kind of mutual funds such as Equity Funds, Balance Funds, Fixed Income Fund, and Money Market Fund. Read more at Protected content

Asset Under Management as of January 31, Protected content IDR 10,8 trillion (about US$ 1 billion). There are 5 Open ended listed mutual funds managed by Panin Asset Management that received highest ratings (5 stars) by Morningstar, Inc. You can see here : Protected content , click "Top 5-Star Rated Funds" under Fund Quickrank.

Panin Asset Management appeared in Bloomberg News last year:
"Winston Sual, who helps manage about $1 billion at PT Panin Asset Management, which runs Indonesia’s best-performing fund"
You can read the news here (news about Panin in the middle of the news) :
Protected content

Panin Asset Management also appeared in other foreign news :
Protected content

If you wish to purchase Panin mutual funds, you must first fill out and sign the Candidate Profile Form for Unit Holders.

You should also hand in a copy of proof of identity such as Identity Card (KTP) and NPWP for a local investor or a Passport and KITAS for foreign investor. A copy of articles of association, NPWP, and identity cards/passports of authorized officials and other supplementary documents are required for institutional investors in accordance with the Know Your Customer Principle by Bapepam (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Candidate Profile Form for Unit Holders should be filled out and signed by first-time investor who wishes to purchase Panin mutual funds.

Mutual fund purchase is done by prospective unit holders by filling out a subscription form and complement it with proof of fund transfer.

For more information and registration, you can call Protected content Protected content . The office (main branch) is located at Skyline Building near Sarinah, Jakarta. You can make arrangement to meet there or maybe around there like Starbucks Coffee, Burger King, McDonald's Sarinah, etc. Thank you.

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