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Start your New Year's! (Jakarta)

Hello, Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls,

Have you ever made – and subsequently broke – the New Year’s resolution to get in shape, lose weight, be more active, eat and drink more healthily, etc? Do you want to give that resolution another shot in Protected content , but are already not so confident that you will be able to see it through?
Here’s how you can prevent that from happening again, and making sure Protected content be the year you achieve your aspirations: get a head start!

Adopting a new behavior and making it a habit can take weeks or even months, so with only three months to go till Protected content , the best way to make sure you can stick to your goals in the new year is to make a plan and start today! And I can help you!

With a degree in sports science, extracurricular training in nutrition and many years of experience in training and teaching martial arts to people of various ages and fitness levels, I would love to help you to understand and specify your goals, make a plan and accompany you every step of the way until you have reached your health and fitness destination…or even destiny? :)

Please contact me through personal message if I’ve piqued your interest!


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