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The most effective and certified Indonesian tutor (Jakarta)

Hi everyone :)
I am a certified Bahasa Indonesia tutor for 9 years, providing 1 FREE Trial Class and Rp 100.000 discount only before the end of this month :)

I can teach you in flexible places (in cafe, office, or house,etc ), with much lower price (which is only Rp 250.000 per 75 minutes ) if they are compared to other companies offering Bahasa tutoring that charge around Rp 350. Protected content 540.000 per 75 minutes

Maybe I can introduce here my background of teaching Bahasa Indonesia to expats in Jakarta,I graduated from Universitas Indonesia (the 2nd best ,sometimes gets the 1st rank among universities in Indonesia),my major gets the 1st rank in Indonesia, I taught directors of several companies who are American( PT AECOM), French, British, and British fashion designer who held 7 fashion shows in London who owns a company : Bannerman Company ,i taught staff of embassy of Poland, A Harvard alumnus who is a professional doctor, manager assistants of PT.AURA CANTIK and employees in several companies who are Australian,Irish, Dutch,Spanish,Italian, British, Portuguese, Japan, and also children of a Korean director of Lottemart company in Jakarta, I can give the telephone number of my previous company in which I taught expats and my clients' business cards, my diploma, certificates,and my CV as the proof of this most credible Bahasa tutoring. I can assure you that I am delivering top-notch services with a low-cost alternative that you won't receive in companies or language centers. So, I am specialized in creative learning method ex using games,role plays,pictures, Indonesian songs,watching Netflix and discussing it in Indonesian, puzzles, credible books, etc and we also can learn on video callls.I am also specialized in informal Bahasa which is spoken by Indonesians as much as 96% percent everyday even in offices or in a formal situation like in office meetings. Indonesians tend to change Bahasa to extended forms as what we know as "secret language codes" ,and i can assure you that they and that the informal Bahasa Indonesian are not taught in most companies that provide bahasa Indonesia tutorings. Speaking Indonesian to friends is considered cooler, trendier, even actually more respectful and make it easier to network with people and build better social life skills :)
I also provide a WhatsApp group in which all of my students can chat,review the lessons, learn together in it and possibly meet up to learn Bahasa and make friends.Above all, thankyou for your time..
If you want to learn Bahasa, I Will help you with my pleasure :)

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