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TV Documentary Fixer Jobs -Must Live Local (Jakarta)


All , I am associated with a very large international tv company that's about to spend three months recording a major series focused on an airline in Indonesia, I have been asked to find 'ad hoc' fixers in the following locations.

You don't need any experience, but must live local and be fluent in Indonesian.

If your asked to work on the project t you will be well paid for the time you spend on the project. If you have contacts in these areas , please contact them and ask them to contact me via PM with all their contact details .

1. Email
2. Mobile
3. Address

Also, say why you'd be good - this is absolutely not an English test you don't need to be fluent in that language . Your job would be to coordinate things on the ground at or around the airport and it's fine if you have another job as this will not be long term work - it will however be well paid for the right people .

Island: Sumatra
two ad hoc fixer contacts

City: Balikpapan and Malinau
Island: Kalimantan
two ad hoc fixer contacts who could be at either location

City: Jayapura (main base) , and then Nabire/Timika/Manokwari/Wamena
Island: Papua (a.k.a Irian)
two ad hoc fixer contacts who could go to any of the locations (mainly Jayapura probably though)

City: Pandangaran
Island: Java
two ad hoc fixer contacts

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