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Welcome to Stay Permit Online Application (Jakarta)

Every Foreigner who is in the Indonesian territory shall be obliged to have a stay permit article Protected content stay permit consists of visit stay permit : limited stay permit and permanent stay permit. Application for online stay Permit is a Web-based Application that aims to provide immigration Stay permit service online to applicants, the types of applications contained in this application are :

1. Permit Online ,is an application for submission of extension of visit stay permit ,limited stay permit ,permanent stay permit , change immigration status and change status of foreigner.
2.ITAS Reporting ,is an application for submission of limited stay permit based on visa stay permit.
3. Manage service ,is an application for viewing the latest status of application ;
4. FAQ (Frequently asked Question)is a page that containing frequently asked questions about the procedures ,terms and regulations regarding the immigration stay permit process.

The data filled by applicant on stay permit Online application will be used as one of the consideration for decision making by the Directorate General of Immigration.
For general information and requirements of each stay permit , pls visit website : Protected content

Notification :
* Make sure you have a PDF reader to read email attachments confirmation of stay permit online application
*The maximum period of submission application of visit stay permit extension is not later than 7(seven )days before the expiration date of your visit stay permit.
* The maximum period of application of limited stay permit is within 30 days from the date of arrival.
* Please fill in the data according to your residential address
* Applicant is required to come to Immigration office for submitting requirements documents before permit ends with original documents and copies.

website: Protected content

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