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Where can I be the only one on the beach? (Jakarta)

It's really hard to get away from the crowds in Indonesia and very difficult to find any place within easy reach for a relaxing weekend without being hustled and hassled, from Jakarta or Bandung.

About 6 hours from Jakarta, but absolutely worth it, pure clean coral reef, white sands no rubbish, no hassle from sellers, back to nature with Green turtles, Fishing and amazing surfing, diving, snorkeling, one step into the past.

Ujung Genteng
There are none that i know of really near Jakarta or Bandung but if you are looking for a weekend break and you are prepared for a six hour drive then I would highly recommend Ujung Genteng as one of those very rare locations that have empty beaches. But this doesn't mean that there is nothing do also if you were looking for some really unique experiences of the natural Indonesia.
Green Turtle Reserve
Green Turtles still visit these beaches in abundance and you can see them come up on the sand every night of the year, it’s an experience not to be missed, you can also partake in the releasing of the young turtles from the reserve every evening about 6 O’clock.

Ombak Tujuh
They say that this is one of the most extreme surfing beaches in the world and only recommended if you are very experienced, but there are other beaches nearby great for us amateurs.

Where to stay
There are very few places that would be comfortable enough for many of us, a lot of the accommodation is extremely basic, There is only one hotel in the whole area, which i think reflects how quiet and unknown even by Indonesians. Turtle Beach Hotel or I would go for one of the Larger chalet style establishments like Pak Ujang.
There is a general website for this area, but much of this is in Indonesian, but will give you a rough idea and some contact numbers. The Hotel website is Protected content

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