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WNA & Kartu Keluarga (Family Card) (Jakarta)

I am married to an Indonesian (WNI) and living together with her and our child in Indonesia. My wife has a KK. I am part of the family, but I am not stated (except as father of) on the KK.

The main question is, should a WNA also be stated on a KK, if yes where is it stated in the law or govermental directions that also a WNA should be registered on a KK?

The issue is that the "kelurahan" is not sure it should be done or not. According to the governmental system it is right the registration is not done. The officer assume that on a KK should only WNI be registered.

Upto now we never had any trouble with any governmental systems concerning the KK. At this moment private organisation(s) asking questions about it.

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