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Your exceptional relationship (Jakarta)


Hello everyone! Writing my thesis on international marriages I vitally need to collect some stories of Westerners and Indonesians in relationship with each other. Nothing private, just general cultural moments :) Any information will be more than appreciated, but most of all I'm eager to know:
1) whether you planned or not to find a partner abroad (and why)
2) is this relationship easier or more difficult compared to the relationship with a person from your culture?
3) is there something in your partner what you wouldn't ever find in a person from your culture?
4) what is the most difficult in your international relationship (language barrier, religion, values, humor, expression of emotions etc...for example, having been in international relationship with a half-Indonesian man for two years, only after around 1,5 years i managed to get used to the fact that he informs me of sad things smiling,you may have other examples)
5) does religion play a role in your relationship? is this role positive or negative?
6) do you plan to learn the language of your partner?
7) what is the most exceptional in the culture of your partner?
8) would you prefer to stay in the East or in the West? why?
9) how are your relations with the family of your partner being developped? is there something difficult in building these relations?
10) is there something that used to cause (still causes) irritation in your relationship? (only cultural points matter)
If you have something more to share I will be very grateful, by doing this you make a contribution to the science of crosscultural communication :) you may write on my email Protected content in English, French, Spanish and Indonesian (sorry I won't be able to translate from other languages:)), I promise to reply to everyone and thank you very much in advance for your contribution!!!

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