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Find a Job (Jamaica)

Hi there !

I'm new on this Site and since a month, I am looking for information about gettin a job in Jamaica. Well, to present myself I traveled most of country in Central America and I felt in love with Jamaica specially in East Side where I visit mostly (Negril, St-Elizabeth, Savanna la Mar and in the country/mountains...). Not about staying in a 5 stars Hotel but with the Locals. Time past and I found my boyfriend living in Westmore Land. I'm from Canada, Speaking French, English, Spanish, Deutsch and practicing Jamaican Patwa with my boyfriend everyday.

I dont really know how to proceed, but I tried since a week to find jobs like French Teacha and I found the Volunteer Program but ... I project to live in Jamaica in Protected content more time to find a good job and make steps, by steps and be sure that this is what I want) I have done University in Police Certification, Criminology, Mental Disease and Toxico and I am also a Personal Trainor at my time.

I did already Visas for my Boyfriend, we see each other 2 times since we met and project to see again and again but ... think its time to make decisions because It's hard to maintain a long distance relation.

Well, if you guys have any Site for looking or tips to give me be free.
Thank you so much !

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