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Temping oportunities in Kingston Jamaica


Hi, I'm moving to Jamaica (Kingston) to take up a job for 7 months from August-March. My job gives me accommodation with a family which is brilliant... However, my boyfriend would like to move out to Jamaica as well while I am there. I assume that he would not be welcome to live with the family who I am staying with so we would need to look for somewhere to live together. For this to be feasible he will need to find a job. I've been looking online and there's very little out there for ex-pats. (I know in Jamaica that employment is really hard and they have to employ native Jamaicans first which I understand.) But does anyone have any ideas of places to contact for work? Or ways of working to get accommodation possibly?

He sails and plays polo and used to run a horse yard/stables so has contacted the polo clubs and the royal yacht club about work there but has had no response. (If anyone has any info about contacting these places that would be great!)

Any help or thoughts would be MUCH appreciated! I really don't want to be apart from him for that long. :(

Thank you!

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