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what to take and what when relocating to jamaica (Jamaica)

Hi all
hope everyone who is reading this(or not reading this ;) ) are doing great in their lives.Me and my husband are relocating soon to Kingston,Jamaica as a result of his job transfer.We are currently living in Dubai,UAE.I am bit confused what all should i take from Dubai to Jamaica as in electronics(Tv,household electronics etc),furnitures,kids essentials(like car seat,clothings,baby food etc for an infant girl)....I do not know about the market of the kingston city but ofcourse i dont expect it to be as wide as Dubai (everybody knows Dubai is a shopping hub with best of the variety and quality).Although the relocation charges will be borne by the company (but that doesnt mean we can carry wardrobes and bedroom set with us ;) )
We are very confused what all we should shop from here and send through shipment.As of now we are living in a furnished appt and do not own any furniture( just the accessories)
Please guide what should we carry when we move there.
Any information will be helpful
thanks in advance

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