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A Call for a Book Discussion (Jeddah)

Salam u all,
I'm really excitied to see all expats gathered in one place. Plus I bet you all have diverese great minds and willing to share your insights...

I'm thinking why wouldn't we do a book discussion this month. Most have off days. Let's read a book and go for it. Make the event and attend ...

I'm recommending
The Geography of Bliss

If you are in a journey about exploring that concept (happiness), Eric Weiner's book is for you. At once intelligent and witty, Geography of Bliss takes the reader to unfamiliar places to meet strangely familiar people. That's because the essence of what makes us happy (or unhappy) is basically the same everywhere, alloyed only by our culture and circumstances. It's a book that will make you think and laugh on the same page. And, it might just make you happy.

If you have any book recommendations alright.. fire over here.

But since I'm not from Jeddah.. I'm from Medina and willing to make this happen in Jeddah as most of the community are from there...

You can recommend the place that is suitable for this to have this event.

Plz be excited ... this is healthy stuff :D

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