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Activity Groups and upcoming Events (Jeddah)

Dear Jeddah Community,
it's great to see such an increase in activity in our community! Let' me first congratulate Nasif, Ahmad and Usman for their initiative in starting activity groups! Hopefully this will motivate others as well to start something with their favourite subjects, I'm very curious. As you know membership is restricted to Albatros members, so there's another reason to upgrade your membership. All basic members are of course welcome to try out any activity groups (once, and yes twice is ok as well) and if you like it, just become Albatros.

With regard to events, I'm currently organizing one for mid-November and another one for mid-December. I don't want to say to much at this point in time, but the one in December will include the life performance of local musicians, playing the Blues for us!

Keep you posted!
Best regards

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