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Al Baha Information (Jeddah)

Hi all

We are moving to Al Baha in September to start work at the University of Al Baha as Professors. To date I have found very little information on Al Baha and we have been provided with even less information from the University. There is likely to be an influx of Expats over the next month as the University has been recruiting heavily around the world but despite this Al Baha seems to be devoid of much information.

I understand that Al Baha is a small town (which is certainly appealing to me) about Protected content from Jeddah up in the very scenic mountains.

I would like to hear from people that have lived in Al Baha, currently live in Al Baha, have travelled to Al Baha or have friends in Al Baha. Even better would be to hear from people who have or are working at the University of Al Baha.

Although our decision to move is made, I would still like some information before we go (particularly as we are taking our kids).

On a separate note, we will no doubt be travelling to Jeddah quite regularly. Can anybody suggest some reasonable, cost effective hotels/guest rooms worth staying in.


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