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Ambassador stranded in Dubai (Jeddah)

Dear Jeddah Community,
You probably have been wondering why i have been so quiet over the last days: no news on upcoming events, no comments on the forum etc. Well, unfortunately i have been denied entry into Jeddah a week ago when i was returning from my Haj vacation. My visa that has been organized by the company I worked for turned out to be invalid and I was 'deported'. Not a pleasant experience i can tell you, so now I'm in Dubai waiting for the Visa issue to be solved. For how long, i have no idea!
If anybody would like to organize a new event, please come forward and i will try to give my support from here. I have seen that you are already trying to organize regular events on Wednesday nights, great idea! Also the activity groups seem to gain acceptance, so i think we are on the right track.
As soon as i get any news i will let you know and will then immediately start to prepare for a new event!
Best regards from Dubai

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