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Application for a work VISA (Jeddah)

Good afternoon to one and all,

For the past 2 years I have been working/helping an international business man with various projects in my spare time (while working for a UK based subsidiary of his primary business) here in the UK culminating in him asking if I would like to become his personal assistant world wide full time (mainly based in Jeddah).
He has told me that he needs to apply for a a work VISA for me in Jeddah before he could move any further forward with a full offer etc.
So far I have supplied him with my full UK passport but nothing else.
Nearly 2 months on I haven't been asked for any further information regarding my VISA application etc and was starting to get a little concerned over the time frame etc, the gentleman in question has told me that due to Ramadan and Eid many things slow down and to be patient but does it really take this much time?
Reading through the guides on this site and others, several other pieces of information will be required before a VISA is granted (medical, criminal checks etc)
My question is, how long does this process really take?
The gentleman involved has an extremely busy and complicated personal/social/business life splitting his time between several different countries and my main concern is he doesn't have the time personally to push this along and has properly delegated this to someone in his Jeddah office who isn't being as efficient as I would like ( could be very wrong here!)
This would be a life changing opportunity for both me and my family so I have tried to stay as pessimistic (not get carried away with what this could do for me) as possible about this offer but I'm starting to feel very uncertain about the process.
I must add I have no reason not to trust the gentleman and have meet with him personally many time as well as his wife and other members of his family and entourage and do feel that I am trusted by him to a high level.

Any help or advise is appreciated.


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