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Canadian couple prepping for life and work in KSA (Jeddah)

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are planning to leave Canada to work in KSA for at least one year, starting in winter or spring Protected content . We've been told the best places to be are on the east or west coast, and we have a few friends in Jeddah so it seems like a primary option.

We work with Saudi students regularly at several Canadian universities and have a good sense for our basic cultural differences. We also have had wonderful experiences with virtually every Saudi student we meet - a little maturity goes a long way to understand that we have more in common than we realize!

Obviously, we have so many questions. If anyone can help shed some light on what we can expect, it will be greatly appreciated.

1. Where are the best places for a professional couple to find work? We've been researching universities and Aramco, primarily.

2. What kind of salary can a Canadian expect with a masters and 10 years of experience in communications and teaching? Even a rough estimate would be helpful. We've had a few different answers.

3. We have two cats and a dog, and ideally they would come with us, assuming we will be living on a compound. If we need to leave the cats with family that's ok, but we really want to bring our dog. Have any Canadians (or anyone else) had success with this?

4. From the time you apply for the job, how long does it typically take to get started? So, if I apply for a job today and get accepted, how soon can I expect the job to start?

5. Any other surprising, unusual, "insider knowledge" stuff that would be helpful for us to know? Pass it on! :)

Even if you can only answer one question, any info helps! Thanks! :)


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