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City Guide? (Jeddah)

Is there anything like a guide of "what to see" in Jeddah? All (luna)parks are family only, so no-go for me. I googled about an aquarium in Jeddah, but no local people heard of it (as if it existed on google only).

There is a nice bowling/pool area on Medinah street, 400m North from Falasteen rd.

Apart from that, you can rent a car and travel to Taif to see where they got an inspiration to "28-days later” movie scenography. Also baboons in their natural environment can be an attraction for those who like jungle style adventures ;)
Is there anything else worth seeing in this City? I heard that Jeddah is a commercial capital of Saudi, but after spending two weekends in partially closed shopping malls, I was able to find a hand full of shops with men's cloths. But since I am not a fan of Giorgio Armani’s, I didn’t do much shopping ;)

Plz, share some ideas how to kill boredom in this city, as it seems I am stuck in SA with single entry visa :(

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