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Donate to change the world !!!! (Jeddah)

Dear All...
Are you interesting to do a donation from your extra wealthies?
If you want to be honest ...we have so many kids around us living under the standard of lives because of so many circumstances, they must live with the mother which is their fathers die and mother don't have work to finance their needs.
Some of them living in an orphanage house to be taking care from the social instrument belong to the government or private.
They are only kids who already born to life.
They are our next generation who can make this world better or worse.
Lets we do something small but can give great impact to their feelings, their dream, their imagination and their future brainstorming...
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We're planning to visit the orphanage house and unpaid school in Jeddah on 07 September & 20 September Protected content .
The target age is the children from Protected content old.
for Protected content & unpaid school children.

We will come to support & share with them with a gift box for each one.
1- Orphanage house: The boxes contain Blanket, clothes, towel, socks, underwear, soap, shampoo & milk
2- Unpaid school children: School bag, books, drawing & writing utensils, shoes, socks, lunch box set

Please think about it...
for fair delivery to them, we do accept the donation from all of you as much as you can :
@100 can powder milk any brand contains Protected content each
@100 pairs of socks white color
@100 children blanket size 100x150 cm same graphic design for kids
@100 school bags same graphic design pink for girls & blue for boys
@100 set drawing color
@100 set a plain book
@100 set pencil, pen eraser,
@100 set lunch box&thermos
@100 white towel
@100 set underwear for kids boys & girls white color
@100 set clothes for boys & girls
@100 set soap, shampoo & paste n toothbrush for kids

Let us do something good for our society,
InterNations CHANGEMAKERs: Together we can make a difference !!!

Sweet regards
Farhani Dewi

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