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Driving in Jeddah -some tips

For Driving in Jeddah ,you need to go with the flow of the rough traffic to survive
, know that no driver is kind ,noone has patience and the traffic speed is high with rough drivers who drive as they please .

The only area to enjoy relax driving is the corniche ;)

Here are some tips :

If new ,get stuck in the traffic jam you will learn a lot
Forget your international standard of driving
Be kindly rough ;),if too soft you will be knocked out
No courtesy
Drive in the middle lane ,it is the safest
Keep your focuse on all side
Use your indicator light for turning ,no one do it but at least you can prevent someone knocking you
Always leave some space in front of you
Do not hesitate to horn your car very loud ,it gave you some status
Driving at night ,double the focuse
Do not entertain anyone at traffic light
Do not burn out at red light ,some drivers behind you , will push you to do it ( many radars around )

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