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film camera supplies (Jeddah)

Hello, everyone.
I just joined this website a little while ago as I am considering a position in Jeddah next year. For me, this means I'll be researching lots of things about the city and surrounding areas, as well as what daily life feels like.

My question today is about film cameras. I am aware that there are no cinemas in KSA (i've actually seen there's an IMAX in Khobar) but how about film? Specifically, I wonder if what has recently become a niche subculture exists at all in KSA.

+ does black and white film exist in KSA?
+ do color films other than "entry level" films (e.g. fuji superia, kodak gold) exist?
+ are there any supplies for home development?
+ do film development specialists exist (they usually do in big cities)?

thanks, all~

I forgot to mention -- what is the public's take on photography in general? Can I take pictures of people, places, and things (except for, like, government buildings, and subject matters that might incite personal offense like funerals or other sensitive things) moderately freely? Assuming I am discreet, will I be stirring the pot by having a small/discreet film camera on me in a place like Jeddah?

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