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Football ( soccer) 's memories (Jeddah)


The first time i watched worldcup was Protected content i was about 14 years old, the tournament was in argentina and they win the cup after a hard match with netherlands .. i still remember .. and from that time i liked argentina team way of playing and touching the ball .. even i compair with other global football teams but didnt found similar except Brazil the SAMBA magic team..

When i was about 17 yers old started playing football in alwehda sporting club in makkah and teh coach was one of Peli the americal of football's Protected content team mr jeyrzenho , when become 18 played for Ittihad team in jeddah youth category and the coach also was one of Peli's Protected content mates De Joma Santos the best right defender in world in Protected content .. he taught me alot of football skills and realy learned from him and then played in ksa tournament for youth category and won with the Ittihad the youth cup for western region of ksa , and teh 1st category team of Ittihad that year also won the ksa leauge cup .. then i travelled abroad to usa to study in university industrial & business management .. then back and never back to football again due to work places far from teh team i love Ittihad..

Ittihad Jeddah: won the Asian tournament cup twice last was Protected content in same year they won 4th place in clubs world cup was held in Japan .. This year Ittihad won the ksa leauge cup back again and beated Hilal on teh final 5/4 although Ittihad was much better than hilal in that match ..but didnt score a goal untill the major time of the match ended then refered to penalties.

Even my age is getting up to 41 year old but still i have the high talent of touching the ball and just like players from argentina and brazil ...

Hope my story and memories of football was fine to read .. and plz execuse me if that dont meet your interest .. Plz also if u re interested lets exchange memories of football and for good ones fel free to contact ..

Thanking your kind attention and i appreciate your time .. and all teh best.


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