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Internations Jeddah BB Group

HI Member,
As the buzz aorund the Jeddah Internations seems to be increasing I thought I'd suggest a better way for us to stay engaged.

I'm a Blackberry user and whenever me and my friends need to organise an event, share thoughts, or suggest a new place to hangout we share it directly on our Blackberry group. Everyone gets an instant update

The problem with sharing on the internations forum is
1 - No one is informed about an update
2 - If a new discussion or thread begins, members who dont visit Internations on a day-today basis are hardly aware of whats happening.
3 - Often day-to-day activities where more experienced internation members have much more experience in e.g latest hangouts, events that are announced on a short notice etc. need a much more active platform.

I suggest we create a BB Group so we can be much more lively and help be of better benefit to each other.

There was a movie screening at the US consualte last week, we had a wonderful time, i wish i could have shared the invites with other members of this group. such events and many more can only be available to us if we can connect better.

What are your thoughts?

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