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Introducing myself (Jeddah)

Hi all

I am brand new to forum .... And pretty new to Jeddah to thought I would use the first of my 5 messages to say hi .

So about me ..... Well I am here on a 2 year contract as a nurse in a Jeddah hospital. It's quite hard work actually and of course the way things are done are so very different to what I have been used to so it's taken some adjustment lol. However I work with some great people and am very lucky in that sense.

What I now feel I would like to do is develop friendships and a social life that is separate from my work colleagues and friends in order to keep a healthy balance. However I do not have the first clue how to start. It seems in Jeddah you have to somehow break into a social circle or scene and then you will get the invites .... But how do you get that first break if you don't really know anyone lol. I am still trying to work that one out.

Anyway that's a quick resume of what I am doing in Jeddah and why I am on this site ..... So I can meet new people ........ in Shallah :)

So I look forward t meeting some of you at least in a virtual way thanks to this site ..... And the rest .... Well time will tell lol

Many thanks if you made it this far through my post


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