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Is it because of being Selfish??? (Jeddah)

Hello Dears,

When going through different forums, I noted a disgusting factor. We can see thousands of posts asking for help/support/advice and many of our brothers/sisters providing very valuable informations to help each other in these kinds of posts. Even when these users are getting advice/comments, some of them never reply in that thread atleast a "Thanks" to his/her mates who spend their time to share their experience for him/her.

If he/she replied there with an update, definitely that entire thread is going to be so helpful for many of our mates.

The most disgusting thing is, just after these threads, these people will start another thread to solve their next issues, but still they wont put any update of the previous query or even a "Thanks" as a courtesy to the people who tried to help him...

So it is a kind and humble request, to share your end results for the threads which you are posting, which will help many of our mates in different things.

Have a good day!!!

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