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Jeddah Help please

Hi all

I am very close to securing a new job and will involve me moving to Jeddah.
I am married and have 2 children, age 9 and 13.

i will go myself for the first 6 months and I wondered if I post a few questions, if you could answer some or all with your own opinions.

* The compound is a smalll compound, about 20 villa's. i am worried that once the pool, tennis court and squash court "wears off" with the kids, they may be bored.
If we meet people from other compunds, are we allowed to visit different compound for meeting, parties, bbq etc ??

* is there a private beach area for expats, especially for my wife. is there a beach area you can go to where the women do not have to be covered up ?

* Is Jeddah ok for children. I do not want to move my family over and for them to be completely bored and isolated in the compound ?

* Are there clubs to get involved in for rugby, football, tennis, martial arts etc ?

I have so many questions, but I guess I start with these as these are my main concerns.

Thanks in advance

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