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KAUST - wondering if anyone can help please. (Jeddah)

Wondering if anyone can give me a behind the scene look at KAUST. Interviewing for a nice-level staff position. Family with teenagers as well. I have seen mixed thoughts about KAUST on various posts however many are outdated.

Basic questions:
- are the living conditions nice (as solicited)
- things to do?
- obviously a small community, but my family is active and this would be a huge change for them.
- how easy is it to travel?
- safety; possibly the #1 question
- Does KAUST look out for its employees?
- how to compare expenses to what i am used to in US
- i believe taxes are handled differently and to the expat's advantage?
- have modern conveniences made their way to this location

If we go, i am looking for a family adventure and a huge opportunity to save $, etc. Anything anyone can share is most helpful!

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