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Kittens for adoption - URGENT - in Jeddah


Dear members,

A friend of mine lives on a compound in Jeddah, and has been caring for a lovely abandoned cat that has recently had kittens.

The compound management regard these beautiful cats and kittens as "pests" and every day despatch a "pest control" team to try to catch them. Once caught, they are then poisoned (a long, painful death) or taken to the desert and dumped to slowly starve to death.

My friend must leave Jeddah in early October and is DESPERATE to find these beautiful kittens a safe & caring home.

If homes are not found before she leaves, these kittens will surely die a horrible death. They are all ready to be re-homed NOW.

Can you adopt one?

For more details, PLEASE contact Fay by email URGENTLY: Protected content


P.S. BRITISH people - Did you know that next year the quarantine rules for importing animals to the UK will be relaxed? So you will easily be able to take your new pet with you when you leave :)

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