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Looking for a Human Resource Postion (Jeddah)


Hello all,

I have recently moved to Jeddah and I need to find a job ASAP, If anyone knows of any opening please let me know.
Ill try to post my resume on here soon.

Thank you very much,
Ajmal Hamam

Ajmal Hamam
U.S Citizen currently residing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Protected content Dr.
Glendale, California Protected content
Protected content
Protected content

• Experienced manager with expertise in human relations and project management
• Extensive background in staff recruitment and retention
• Staff training and development
• Superb written and oral communication skills
• Organizational and Strategic Planning
• Management Coaching
• Program Marketing
• Contract negotiation and compliance
• Knowledge of Federal and State Employment Law


Master of Arts in Human Behavior
National University, Woodland Hills, California Protected content , Protected content , Protected content
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
University of Phoenix, Pasadena, California Protected content , Protected content , 2011

Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy Protected content , Protected content May, Protected content
Concorde Career Institute, North Hollywood, California Protected content

Associate of Art in English Literature Protected content , Protected content , 1999
The Intermediate University College, Amman, Jordan

Professional Experience

U.S.A Education Protected content Protected content Present
Burbank, California
HR Director

• Recruit, hire, train, and evaluate primary and supplemental staff
• Recruited staff internationally and nationally
• Translate documents English to Arabic, Arabic to English.
• Determine allocations of funds for staff, supplies, materials, and equipment, and authorize purchases.
• Responsible for coordinating numerous events including quarterly sales conferences and managers’ meetings
• Counsel and provide guidance to students regarding personal, academic, or behavioral issues.
• Set educational standards and goals, and help establish policies and procedures to carry them out.
• Plan, coordinate, and oversee school logistics programs such as bus and food services.
• Mentor and support administrative staff members such as superintendents and principals.
• Provide direct service and support to individuals or clients, such as handling a referral for child advocacy issues, conducting a needs evaluation, or resolving complaints.
• Confer with parents and staff to discuss student behavioral or learning problems.
• Enforce discipline and attendance rules.
• Observe teaching methods and examine learning materials to evaluate and standardize curricula and teaching techniques, and to determine areas where improvement is needed.
• Collaborate with teachers to develop and maintain curriculum standards; develop mission statements, and set performance goals and objectives.
• Substitute for teachers when needed.

Med life Protected content Protected content present
Glendale, California
Lead Respiratory Therapist

• Developed an on-going training program for nursing and clinical staff and served as a liaison between the hospital and the community providing training to community partners; schools, the police department and relevant medical and mental health professionals.
• Review prescription, diagnosis, patient chart, and identification.
• Maintain records, reports, or files as required.
• Keep records of patients' therapy, completing all necessary forms.
• Administer breathing or oxygen procedures, such as intermittent positive pressure breathing treatments, ultrasonic nebulizer treatments, or incentive spirometer treatments.
• Educate, prepare, and reassure patients and their families by answering questions, providing physical assistance, and reinforcing physicians' advice regarding treatment reactions or post-treatment care.
• Enter data into computer and set controls to operate or adjust equipment or regulate dosage.
• Act as liaison with physicians and supportive care personnel.
• Use ventilators or various oxygen devices or aerosol and breathing treatments in the provision of respiratory therapy.
• Work with patients in areas such as the emergency rooms, neonatal or pediatric intensive care, treating conditions such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, or pneumonia.
• Assess patients' response to treatments and modify treatments according to protocol if necessary.

All Saints Health Care for Adults and Children Protected content Protected content 2010
North Hollywood, California
Respiratory Therapist

• Administer breathing or oxygen procedures, such as intermittent positive pressure breathing treatments, ultrasonic nebulizer treatments, or incentive spirometer treatments.
• Encourage individuals and family members to develop and use skills and strategies for confronting their child new illness in a constructive manner.
• Confer with clients to develop plans for post treatment activities
• Teach or oversee other workers who provide respiratory care services.
• Follow and enforce safety rules applying to equipment.
• Interview or examine patients to collect clinical data.
• Explain treatment procedures to patients.

Additional Skills

• Strong Communication skills
• Bilingual, Fluent in Arabic and English
• Excellent Organizational and leadership Skills
• Efficient in Computer skills
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Available to work now
• Willing to work after hours

References upon request

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