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Looking to buy a car (Jeddah)

Greetings to all!
I am a new expat here in Jeddah, less than 2 weeks. I wasn't considering a car originally due to transportation provided by work, but recently, because I'm on call, and hectic work hours, I'll need to have my own transportation. Which brings me to purchasing a car. I'm interested in a german car (I know of the problems, issues, etc... but it is something I want), but ofcourse used is what I'm looking for. I've found, which are promising. But if any members want to sell their car or know of good used car sales places, please do share! I'll try to make it to the iftar get together this week, but I'm not sure of work and stuff! Hope to hear back from you and if I don't meet you guys this week, then def. next month!

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