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I have a request to ALL my FELLOW MEMBERS to maintain decorum while posting in the threads and / or communicating with each other.

Some times it has been observed that some replies become sarcastic and sometimes bordering on rude. As we are all educated people and do understand the ways of life, we should maintain decorum IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES and avoid losing our cool.

Also, do remember that the discussions here are not personal and it is the viewpoint of some people and different people can have different views about the same subject. So i would suggest any party with whatever comments should be addressed in a civilized manner rather than start a mud slinging match on each others countries, communities, races or Religion.

We have to remember that all COUNTRIES, RACES and RELIGIONS do not teach hatred. It is the PEOPLE who are good or bad and each and every community in the world has these kind of people.

So let us pledge to do it here.

I start with myself .................. who else is with me please leave a message

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