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Moving to KSA - shipment/customs (Jeddah)


I am moving to Jeddah in July and am in the process of sorting through my belongings and deciding what to bring. Due to conflicting information received from different shipping companies I wanted to find out from those who have been through the process whether the customs check is extremely thorough. I've been told by the shipping companies that every single box will be opened and checked. They informed me that I couldn't bring many items such as the magazines, books, art pieces, masks etc. However, I just found out from someone living in KSA and have gone through the process that the shipment will only be scanned. According to her, everyone she knows have also had a similar experience. According to her, I can bring in basically anything except for drugs of course.
I would love to hear from anyone who has been through the process and has some inside information on how things work. I'm trying really hard to bring most of my belongings while avoiding being fined or having my things confiscated. My shipments are arriving from Manila and Kuala Lumpur. Is customs stricter on shipments coming from less developed countries as opposed to the US/Canada/UK? Just wondering...

Thanks for taking the trouble to help me out!

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