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New to Internations with a new Idea :) (Jeddah)


Hello all,
I was introduced to internations by a friend and am hoping to become an active member in order to kill the boredom Jeddah impose on us :)

I read about the activities, gatherings you do and i hope ill be a part of any coming event.
Please accept this as an invitation to a new WEEKLY Polyglot event. Polyglot is the name of a language exchange and hope we can follow the rules by practicing languages. This is a new event that we hope it will become a tradition.

Jeddah has people from all corners of the world,so let's practice foreign languages.

If anyone can give suggestions abt places to meet would be gr8 (I will be checking Bridges, in Hamra), we will raise the flag of the language we will be talking. The main idea of the event is practice languages on different levels, from native to basic knowledge.

So here is the floor plan

-1 table for KSA to speak Arabic
-1 table for France to speak French
-1 table for UK/US to speak English
-1 table for for Italian
-1 table for other languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese and any other language..

That is the main idea.. hope you like it and let us work on making it a success
if you want, we can meet, discuss the place, the date and ideas..
ciao ciao

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