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Relocation strategies (Jeddah) now I have a contract of employment and my kids are in good schools :)...My employer is worrying about visa requirements blah blah...

My next question is how do I move my personal belongings out???

As we will get a fully furnished villa, we won't need our furniture, in the short term....( I assume we will ship favorites out at a later date if we decide to stay long term), but there are still personal items like photos, ornaments and obviously essentials like my sons.....X-Box!!

So here goes with the questions:
1. Does anyone know of some reliable shipping companies in the UK?
2. How long do I need to allow to ensure the goods arrive in time for our arrival at the end of August?
3. Should my employer be shouldering the cost of relocation - or am I being too demanding to ask that of them?
4. How much are you allowed to bring with you as a passenger?

Also, my kids and I have dual nationality (British and Italian). As we are coming from Britain, would it be best to use British kids only have Italian ones at the you think it would be a problem if they had Italian (European) and mine was British (European)?? Or shall I just use the Italians ones??

I heard it was illegal to bring 2 passports into Saudi - is this correct?



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