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Stand-up comedy event. Good idea or no? (Jeddah)

Hey people,

I'm just working hard on securing a venue for the 28th July event and I just wanted to check whether people think a stand-up comedy event would actually be a good idea. Before you give your opinions, please bear in mind that I'm looking at a ticket price of SR150 for Albatross members and SR200 for basic members and probably SR250 for guests (to encourage them to join Internations)

This will get you (depending on the number of tickets sold Protected content of comedy, food canapes and drink, and probably a DJ afterparty. Bear in mind any afterparty will be the last thing I sort out based on budget.

In addition, the idea is do this at cost, so we won't be making any profit. Any profit made, however, will be used to subsidise the next big get together, which will probably be after Ramadan.

I know some of you may prefer a dance party, BUT, we have a couple of issues. Firstly, if you keep your 'ear to the ground' you'll always get to hear of parties that you can go to. Secondly, there was a ratio of 3 men to 1 woman at the last get-together, which can make for an uncomfortable atmosphere if I do organise such an event.

So, your thoughts please...

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