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The Best Cat Shelter in Town (Jeddah)

If you are a cat-lover and are stressed about the coming vacation and don't know where to board your cat, I can truly recommend Kitty Tender Love and Care in Jeddah.
The cages are big, many toys, and 24 hours care is provided. The animals in their care receive personal attention from the care-givers. They are also given the best food available on the market. You can call Farah at Protected content .
This lady also takes care of orphaned cats and does an amazing job. She provides a charity service to the orphaned cats, and is grateful and dependent on any financial support she can get in the form of boarding of animals or donations in the form of money, food or anything else she can use to relieve the burden.
If you have free time, and you don't know what to do, offering to do volunteer work at the shelter is always welcome and rewarding, since there is so much to do with the care of the animals.
You are welcome to contact her to view her boarding facilities, do volunteer work, to make a donation, or just to appreciate the amazing work she is doing. She is the ONLY shelter in Jeddah and in the nearby vicinity to offer this service.
We are thinking of creating a Sponsorship system for the animals there with a view to create funds for this shelter which is experiencing much hardship in remaining open to offer this facility and service. The system will be on this basis:
We are looking for Protected content to "adopt" a cat and sponsor its upkeep and maintenance at the shelter. This will mean that you will have a pet to visit and enjoy at the shelter without the responsibility of having to care for it yourself and worry about what you will do when you go on vacation.
With this initiative, at least Protected content will be helped and the facility can remain open to offer a place for boarding and care.
If you want to view her work you can also visit her FaceBook page for Kitty Tender Love and Care.
This is a worthwhile cause to support, especially if you are a cat lover.

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