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Thinking of relocating to KSA (Jeddah)

Hi All,

Potentially looking to relocate to KSA as a Mechanical Engineer with a UK company with a branch in KSA and I'm unsure about it to be honest, hope someone can answer the extensive queries I have....

I have been offered a salary of £60k per year with a £15k bonus at the end of my first year (should I survive) with all accommodation costs taken care of and flights home every 6 weeks for one week or every 12 weeks for two weeks

1. How safe is it to work in?
2. Within the compound I'd be living on what exactly is there to do? Back home in the UK I play football most nights or watch football... Is this something I could do whilst there?
3. What is the working hours (generally) like over there?
4. I've heard stories of people going from Saudi (KSA) to Bahrain at the weekend (Friday/Saturday) is this common occurance and something which people would recommend for shopping? a drink etc.
5. How are western engineers treated over there within society?
6. As a 29 year old single man would I be able to fit in within the compound as I'd be going alone without family etc.
7. Just how much is censored? Like on the internet do you have access to Spotify, youtube etc?
8. Is the allowance reasonable which I would be paid? All I should in theory require to pay would be food?
9. How easy is it to open a SABB bank account for transferring money back from KSA to the UK?
10. What is the typical working attitude of the nationals as I have heard it is almost lazy on site?

Many thanks for the time reading this and any help you could give would be appreciated!



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