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To move or not to move?! (Jeddah)



I'm a single 25 year old British girl & lived in Dubai for 18 years (my family are still there). I'm currently living back in the UK and looking for a change. I've had a career opportunity open up in Jeddah and am in two minds whether to take it or not...! I'm very independent, I enjoy driving and, like many young women, enjoy a glass of wine to celebrate a special occasion! However I equally enjoy the beach, weather, culture & laid back lifestyle the middle eastern countries have to offer. So my question is mainly about demographics I suppose... How many young, free, expat females are there around, and what are their views on the lifestyle? What are the (real) pros and cons? And/or would I be able to get in touch with a few of you to pick your brains?!

I look forward to your responses and thank you in advance :)


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