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Top 10 Things to Do in KSA (Jeddah)

I found this on the internet. Maybe we can visit some of them?

1) Visit Madaen Saleh and the old Hijaz railroad track which used to bring pilgrims from Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Palestine etc. to Saudi Arabia. The city is likened to the second Petra (in Jordan). A special permit is normally required to visit the site. Most reputable hotels in the area can arrange the paperwork. A 4x4 would be beneficial.

2) Visit Jeddah’s Old Balad area. Wonder around the narrow streets and
look at the old crumbling Jeddah buildings. One fully restored house
that should be visited in Naseef House. This is one of few houses in
Jeddah that have been fully restored.

3) Take a leisurely drive along the Jeddah Corniche. Check out the
highest fountain in the world at 312m and the various art sculptures
along the route.

4) View the valleys and mountains of Taif from a cable-car ride or via a
car drive through the winding mountain road. Look out for the

5) Visit Abha, and Asir national parks. Remember to pack some warm
clothes. A trip from the bottom to the peaks would result in quite a
temperate drop. Asir has the highest peak in Saudi Arabia at nearly
10,000ft, or Protected content called Jabal Al-Sawdah. Jabal just mean Mountain.

6) Visit the National Museum as part of an outing to the King Abdulaziz
Historical Center in Riyadh. The museum has eight major exhibition
areas starting from creation to modern day Saudi Arabia. The exhibit
on Hajj and the two Holy mosques may be of particular interest to
people wanting to see what the Holy Kaba (Where Muslims face 5-
times a day to pray) looks like. They have a life size panel of one of the
sides, with an authentic old door to the Kaba. There are different
designated visiting times for families, which includes single women,
and men. The quietest time for families to visit is on a Thursday in the
late afternoon. For Single men, the quietest time to visit is on a Thursday morning.

7) Visit the Janadriya festival in Riyadh. The annual festival is held in the spring ever year, but dates vary annually. Up until a few years ago, there were only men’s days or women’s days. They did re-introduce the family days, but as with everything in Saudi Arabia, it’s best to check beforehand on the latest arrangements.

8) Visit Diriyah on the outskirts of Riyadh, the ancestral home of the Saudi royal family and the capital of the first Saudi dynasty. The site is closed for extensive renovations and it’s not clear if it has re-opened. The site was added to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites is Protected content .

9) Visit the largest camel market in the Middle East in Riyadh. The best time to visit is early in the morning from around 6 am. Take a bunch of mint leaves with you. They might come handy if you are susceptible to strong smells.

10) Look at rock paintings around Saudi Arabia. A good resource, albeit a little old, is a series of books called Desert Treks from Riyadh/Jeddah/Al-Khobar. Copies can still be found in Jarir bookstores around the Kingdom.

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