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WARNING: Total UK Holdings Ltd (Jeddah)

There is an entity posing off as Total UK Holdings Ltd on LinkedIn and other online recruitment portals seeking candidates for post of Project Manager in the Middle East & Europe. They send a beautiful email with three attachments, stating the job description, pay & perks (8,000 sterling pounds per month plus), additional allowances etc, to all candidates who apply. They then sate that you have to be present for an interview in London on a given date (approx 6 weeks on) and confirm that they will reimburse all travel, hotel, & visa costs. They even state they will assist you get the visa to the UK.

The Catch: The candidate has to make all reservations via a pre-defined travel agency in the UK whose contact name and address they supply. All payments have to be made to the agency and Total UK will reimburse them after the interview.

Once you pay you will never hear from them again.

Please be careful and inform your friends and family accordingly, as many innocent people do get sucked into these scams very easily according to my long standing work experience.

This is the company name and address as stated in their communication emails:
TOTAL Holdings UK Limited
33 Cavendish Square,
London, W1G 0PW
United Kingdom
Tel: Protected content
Fax: Protected content

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