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We are Project Management Company (Jeddah)

We specialized in managing projects in different type of industries. We believe every things we do makes us different from others. We believe on Project Management Professionals team to achieve project objective with satisfy partner through systematic approach & invention according to the projects characteristics, so we can develop and changing project management practicing with principles through innovation.

Our objectives: Protected content
·Aligning project performance with client’s timeline, budget and quality.
·Cover all gaps in each project
·Assuring quality for all outcomes in each project.
·Provide best solutions with minimum cost
·Build good suppliers networks with excellent supply chain management in each project.
·Mitigate risks by a comprehensive risk assessments plan and internal controls
·Draw and implement the stages to measure project life cycle, and be identical in implementations.
·Customer satisfaction and other stakeholders
·Set up the communications and collaborations with stakeholders.
·Make sure all resources and elements add value in each project through processes and supply chain.
·Build teams and develop stakeholders to achieve outcomes and goals.
·Allocate equivalent resources according to type and purpose of any project.
·Shear the knowledge, the tacit experience and the experiments.

We are Saudi's masters holders in PM & MBA. Our ambitions drive us to establish our company to change the way of managing project and business. We can help others and partners to know the cultural well and the variances to other cultures. We can make the bridge between other sides to mutual benefit and success based on our understanding westren and estrene societies and cultural variations. However, pleas contact me if you need partner to success and PM Company.

Projects Manger & Operations
Yazeed Alhilalie

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Skype: yazeed.projsc
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