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Weekly Polyglot meeting in Jeddah


يا أصحاب
Friends, Amis, Amigos, Amici, Freunde, Arkadaş, Przyjaciele

Please accept this as an invitation to our new WEEKLY Polyglot event. Polyglot is the name of our language exchange music and we hope we can follow the rules by practicing languages. This is a new event that we hope it will become a tradition.

On each table, we will raise the flag of the language we will be talking. The main idea of the event is practice languages on different levels, from native to basic knowledge.

So here is the floor plan

-1 table for KSA to speak Arabic
-1 table for France to speak French
-1 table for UK/US to speak English
-1 table for for Italian
-1 table for other languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese and any other language..

The event will take place on Tuesday 20 sept at 9:00 pm at Bridges cafe (Hamra, Arafat Street, near hamada market).
Plz confirm here in order to do the booking in time.
Ciao ciao

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