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what is internation forum for (Jeddah)

hello expats
i want to adress this thread to jeddah internations ambassador and to the main administration

i ve been here in jeddah for more than one year as well in internations but its my first time i hear that someone wants to delete his profile n the reason:

she cant stand anymore the way the guys are hitting on her
the story is that its her first experience with internation groups n she thought its normal to exchange emails and mobile number specially she isnt an albatros member n she is limited in messages

what happened that many of members started othering her daily calling n sending emails n even one of them had the courage to blame her why she didnt invite him to a birthday party
another had the courage to come even without invitation to a private party

others keep sending twinkles dozens of them and requests for adds n just sticked to her

i dunno if that normal
i think should be some filtration when the administration accept the new members or should b some level or online interview

dunno but should b something tthat keep some freak person away

its not a dating forum nor a place to hunt women

even thinking llike that is insulting for the females expats

once a woman post a comment or a thread u can see Protected content n Protected content
all start posting their emails n phone numbers for help

we dont see that when a man ask for help only few ppl answer him n thts it

so im really asking the administration to find a solution for that

thank you

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