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What To Expect In Jeddah...

Hello Dear Jeddah Associates/Friends,

I hope this finds everyone doing wonderfully well. I am Kelly, and currently living in America with my husband and son whom are Saudi. However, we will be moving to KSA very soon.

I am worried because I have no idea what to expect in Saudi Arabia. Our son and I were just approved by the prince for living in KSA, and it seems like Jeddah our the outskirts of Jeddah will be our home.

Can somebody tell me could a black cherokee muslima expect while living in Jeddah? Is there racism? Is there multiculturalism? Is there tribalism? How do people feel about American citizens? My son is 10 years old, I feel like it will be a huge adjustment for him. Especially with the laws and regulations, since he's a talker and will express his dislike freely. He doesn't know when to hold his tongue.

Are my feelings premature?

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