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Working in Jersey City

Jersey City is becoming a more charming place and this is encouraging a rising number of expats to work there, too. New developments are springing up across the city and one of the major construction projects is the building of a new 95-story tower that would feature a casino and create many jobs.

Furthermore, Verisk Analytics is among the major Jersey City’s employers, while Goya Foods is opening a 500,000-square-foot distribution center in Jersey City. 

Local Economy

Jersey City's economy is often compared to that of New York City, which is unfair since the area is much smaller. However, the gentrification of Jersey City is bringing more money into the area, which can be witnessed through the opening of many new top-class restaurants, while high-end shopping options are becoming more plentiful.

The city has a job growth rate of around one percent, just below the overall rate for the United States, although future job growth is estimated to be around 34 percent. 

Over 17 percent of people working in Jersey City have jobs in management, business or finance, while a further ten percent are employed in science, engineering or IT.

Job Hunting in Jersey City

The rise of new developments in Jersey City means opportunities for expats looking for work in Jersey City are constantly opening up. The New York media market also serves the city and many local newspapers will carry job advertisements. The Jersey Journal is the main newspaper for Jersey City itself, although it covers the whole of Hudson County.

Many foreigners seeking work in Jersey City will go online to hunt for new positions. Recruitment websites such as Indeed and Monster frequently carry openings in the area. 

Citi is one of the big local employers in Jersey City and often has live advertisements for dozens of different posts based in the city.

Work Permits for Jersey City

Work permit in the United States are called Employment Authorization Documents, or EAD for short. This is a requirement for employment for everyone but citizens and lawful permanent residents of the US. It is issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and is valid for one year, after which it can be renewed.

It should be noted that the EAD can only be acquired when holding a visa that allows employment, such as an immigrant visa or a temporary worker visa. Most immigrant and temporary worker visa categories require an expatriate planning a move to Jersey City to have a job offer from an employer in the US before applying. It is possible to get an EAD with a student or exchange student visa, but this needs additional clearance from the school officials.

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