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Architectural job opportunities before work permit (Johannesburg)

Hi everyone!

I am currently based in India and working as an architect/sustainability consultant. I am working on projects like green building, environmental impact assessment etc.
My boyfriend is a South African however it has been long-distance relationship for most part due to contract jobs in different countries. Therefore, I can not apply for life partner visa.

I plan to move to SA as soon as possible with him and would prefer if I can get an opportunity in Sandton area, otherwise anywhere across the country is fine by me.

If someone with a similar background has applied for critical skills or got the job in this field, and then had their work permit sponsored, then please share your experience.

I plan to visit the embassy in India this month and hopefully it'd be fruitful. However, I am not sure how successful one can get when it comes to immigrating to SA.

Thanks for any suggestions/advice.

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